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  • 2021-07-04

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Please have a look at the information about server compromise.

    When people of Faiumoni woke up on July, 4th they felt something was odd. The scientists of the royal academy of astronomy later confirmed their feelings. From their regular observations of the stars they derived that somehow several days had gone missing.

    For what is known, people went to bed on July, 2nd only to wake up two days later with great thirst and hunger. So far there is nobody to be found who can tell what happened during that missing time. The reason for this incident is yet unknown.

    Even the famous psychic Lovena is not able shed any light on things. All she is able to tell is that she senses the letter "t".

    People are concerned. Hopefully, this is not an omen for even worse and stranger things happening tonight.

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