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  • 2010-01-01

    Semos was in danger this New Year, from creatures which threatened to invade. Legions of creatures started to appear in the Semos Mine Towns, and a cast of blackness fell over the island. Mayor Sakhs had been forewarned of the disaster, and he called warriors to help defend Semos. He also begged them to find a number of ancient relics which may help protect against the evil.

    New Year Revolt

    It was not easy for the brave warriors, they had to seek out the creatures, which were smart and tried to attack from many places. Although the revolt started in the Mine Town, it spread across the mountain ridges, through the plains, and then south west around Semos Jail. Many of the creatures had enhanced strength and health, and the warriors worked as teams to destroy each and every one. Once all the creatures were killed and all ankhs had been found, the warriors journeyed back to the townhall and presented the ankhs for the safety of Semos.

    Those intrepid warriors who found ankhs were: shadon, jesco, giovanote (2), kezman, kiyosh, moritzger and madmetzger.


    Thanks to all who help to defend Semos, whether from the New Year Revolt or the day by day threats. Happy New Year!

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