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  • 2010-01-06

    Xhiphin Zohos, from Fado, called for help, because somehow many caged creatures had been let loose. The bandits who did this were in disguise. Luckily, there was a lot of help to kill the creatures, which had gone wild after being captive for so long.

    Fado under siege!

    Once Fado was safe and the creatures were dead, Xhiphin Zohos begged for anyone to help look for Harold, who had been the keeper of the animals. He had been kidnapped by the bandits! Every building in Fado was thoroughly searched and Harold was eventually found, safe, in the shepherd house.


    Harold explained to his saviours what had happened, how he had been kidnapped, and he thanked them for saving him. He also told them that the whole experience had made him realise that his job was much too dangerous, and now he is going to look for a different job. Lets wish him luck in this!

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