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  • 2007-05-27 21:58:03

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Today, it has been a long day.

    Ados, Semos and Nalwor have been under attack, but our brave warriors have saved them again.

    Julius shouted and ran away when barbarians came to attack Ados. Lucky that eusebius and others were around. Eusebius got an enhanced Ugmash from the mayor of Ados as a reward for his help in saving Ados.

    Mareion asked us for help when the drows started attacking Nalwor. Evil drows even summoned a cursed giant spider. Many heroes came to defeat them, and again Vesper won, but kindly passed the award to Juan_1990_16 who received a black_halberd.

    Just after that, goblins started to attack Semos, but they were not alone. They came with the giant Tobuk, a friend of the goblins, but again, a horde of Semos citizens came and defeated them.

    You can be our next hero! :)

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