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  • 2007-03-04 18:49:12

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    The adventurers met for a pub quiz tonight in Semos Tavern. 16 people played, from level 10 up to level 91, led by quizmaster superkym. vesper is the brain box of the evening, he certainly had the fastest fingers, and Cutler deserves an honourable mention. Someone1234 impressed us by getting the final question right. We celebrated with a group photo and beers all round!

    Here are the questions for you to try at home:

    How much does a home scroll cost?
    Name a creature who drops katana
    What is Ceryl's job?
    How many grain makes one bag of flour?
    What is the top prize at Ricardo's table?
    What items does a new player start with?
    Where does Hackim Easso work?
    How much can you sell a sword to Xin Blanca for?
    Who makes sandwiches?
    Where do 'death' live?
    What's the missing girl from Ados called?
    Who is the housewife with a rat problem?
    What herb did Ilisa need to make Tad better?
    Name a poisonous creature
    What is the name of the berry that sheep eat?

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