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  • 2005-05-30 17:59:34

    Game screenshot

    This release is a very important milestone in the development of Arianne goals: creating a flexible open source multiplayer games middleware.

    We have managed to build a system that is able to run several types of games: turn based and adventures games with a awesome performance. Send state of the game to players with a minimum bandwidth usage, storing players on database with a easy to query SQL tables. The actual system is able to manage thousands of zones and so create an almost limitless world.

    Now ariannexp will be ported to this 1.00 technology and soon Gladiators and mapacman will be ported and online again.

    All the documentation is updated to this new branch, and we are in process of completing our 2nd book: How to write adventure games using Arianne.

    This milestone completes inmediate Marauroa goals, so now we will now center all our efforts on clients: stendhal, mapacman and gladiators. By developing more these new needs will appear that will be done on next releases. Let's know what you need of Marauroa!.

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