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  • 2005-04-28 16:33:54

    These are two small releases but very important in the development of Arianne.

    On Marauroa we have fix a bug that has been there since 0.30 release and that was related to the way MySQL managed transactions, also we added a method to request synchronization from a unsynced client so you should expect now a better gameplay.

    On Stendhal we have added A*, fixed a bug with Sheep weight due to signed/unsigned, improved Sheep movement, added Patrol and follow path action, fixed collision detection area, changed Game Chat dialog so that it opens with Ctrl+L, NPC counts sheeps sold and bought, client reconnect on out of sync, a single text line is visible now, now combat icon is centered on the bottom right corner and finally optional collision detection boxes.

    Out next steps are:
    - Add wolf entity
    - Make combat real
    - Add currency to game
    - Add new Sheep GFX
    - Initial character customization

    Finally the tasks written on the previous news item are still open and needing attention.

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