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  • 2004-04-14 12:23:02

    On my way of "release often, release big" I have released a new version of Marauroa that adds the infamous delta-delta algorithm that allows to send only the differences of the objects that have changed, improving so the bandwidth usage. I also have released a working ( I tried them ) version of Gladiators that is self contained, although you may need to install over 0.07 to get more models and a new version of ariannexp that is the text test client that should compile and run perfectly on linux too.

    Why in the hell there are no progress on gameplay? Nice question, I work alone ( or better: I am working alone ) so I can't develop all by myself. root777 is doing a nice job at the Java side, but the client is only handled by me and I can't spend more time ( of what I spend now ) on it. Also our RP game designer is MIA (miss in accion), but anyway the progress should come soon.
    I do really need help with someone that could take care of a SDL-based graphical client. I have to keep developing the server side of the game and I am not going to be able to keep in sync the client.

    Just step on the IRC channel or arianne-devel mailing and I will give you more info.

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