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  • 2005-05-07 20:03:55

    A new week, almost a new release :)
    I have added combat to Stendhal and HP bars, and a basic in game GUI.
    Release should happen soon, exactly at the same moment I assign coherent RP values to entities.

    Also the CVS code has been cleaned and refactored, so Client is now clearer than ever. If you plan to create a game using Arianne, Stendhal would be a great base for your client. :)

    On the near future (1 month or so) I will stabilize Stendhal development and start again all the documentation process that means:
    - Document all the code.
    - Fix, update and improve Wiki Documents.
    - Complete Stendhal Design document
    - Complete and release our new Stendhal book.

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