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  • 2004-06-04 20:53:37

    It has been a lot of work, but finally everything is up and running:

    • Marauroa 0.36 Real pacman support, improved the way password are stored in database, speeded up marauroa to make clients see their actions result sooner and added command line support for nullClient
    • ariannexp 0.10.1 and pyarianne 0.10.1 Added compressed RPMap message support, improved autoconf and automake files and released a compiled version of pyarianne so you can develop your own games easily.
    • Gladiators Enjoy this one because it is the last version of Gladiators released. We are actually working hard to replace it with a python version of it that will work in a different way.
    • mapacman 0.01 The first mapacman release. Please give it a try but don't eat the ghost :-)
    Also I have added a Tutorial about how to create games using Arianne, please post your questions about it on the Forum, so that working together we can make a great document.

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