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  • 2008-07-03 22:00:00

    Game screenshot

    Grannie played a game of hide and seek with the players tonight. She shouted clues and waited hidden to see who would turn up. Those who solved the clues were rewarded with chocolate, pizza, licorice and more treats!

    Congratulations to ladymacbeth for solving every clue and going to the correct places. Thanks to all who took part!

    Here are the clues for you to try at home:

    * I see a fire burning. A red headed girl has been collecting logs , she only asks a little favor.
    * Now go to the father of the girl you found. It smells good where he is.
    * You might get stung at my next hiding place!
    * I'm by a very lonely boy. Noone remembers to say hi to him.
    * My final hiding place is next to the founder of the FSF ...

    Yes, that's right, even a Richard Stallman NPC is in our game, here to teach players about true free software like Stendhal.

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