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  • 2010-01-24

    On Friday 22nd January a sign appeared in Semos:
    "I hid my cat somewhere in Fauimoni. Find and bring her to semos tavern and totaling up to 48,500 HP and a few scrolls. You have until Sunday 11:59.59 server time. Good luck and thanks for your participation. Note, cats name has been changed. lol Have fun!"
    Geomac had created this hide and seek game for the players! So the hunt started, from all those who were worried about the cat left alone, and those who wanted the generous prize. But where was the cat? By Saturday it was still not found and geomac added this message:
    "Clue: An Item needed by Linzo is nearby."
    Finally on Sunday morning snakevip found geomac's cat, deenie, on the 3rd floor of Ados Townhall, by Reg Denson. Snakevip brought deenie to Semos tavern and was rewarded with ingredients for 100 pizzas, 100 fish pies, 24 gold bars, 2 home scrolls, 1 empty scroll, and a marked scroll to Wofol bakery where he could make the pizzas! A wonderful reward and a really great event, many thanks to geomac for organising this.

    Deenie safe

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