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Authors: Stephen I.



  • FAQs
    • What Do I Do When I Find A Bug?
    • What Does The Little Flashing Plug Graphic Mean?
    • How Can I Turn Off The Fullscreen Mode?


Gladiators is a game designed to prove and test the ideas and functions of the Arianne System.
Thus, though it is a fully playable game, it is simple and to the point!
The main objective is to command gladiators, that you own, in the arena and gain fame and hence fortune!
This document was prepared to explain the usage and reason behind the game.

Account Creation

Create account

This game's server is public and located at http://gladiators.game-server.cc

Before you can login you MUST create an account.

Each account is specified by a username & password.
Under each username there is currently only the possibility for one account, hence on login you will see that the server has created
an account under your user name [see login section].

Steps To Creating an Account:

  • Open http://gladiators.game-server.cc in any browser.
  • Select Account Creation from the menu on the right.
  • Enter your details. NOTE: You must provide a valid e-mail address. This will not be used or passed on to third parties. It is simply for verification!
  • Once your account details are ready click Submit button.

Server Website

The web address constantly being refered too is http://gladiators.game-server.cc

This site is actually a web front end to the server. It not only provides the account creation form but also a plethora of interesting stats and info from the game server. Check it out!


Installation on windows is by a standard setup program.

  1. Download the latest setup package from here.
    NOTE: If the package has "update" somewhere in its name, it must be installed over the most recent non-update package!
  2. Run the setup executable and enter the required information
  3. Run Gladiators from the short cuts created in your Start Menu

Running Gladiators & Logging In

Once you have run gladiators from the Start Menu or Desktop shortcut you are presented with a menu.

NOTE: by default the game will run in fullscreen mode, if you do not want this read the Command Line Options Section

The default menu provides 3 opti

Create account option will point your current internet browser to http://gladiators.game-server.cc so that you may create an account. 
Login To Server option allow you to login
  • The first Login option is the server name. Currently this is marauroa.ath.cx as this is our public server, but if
    you are running a gladiators server locally for example this maybe your IP.
    Press Enter To confirm option.
  • The next option is your username. This is case sensitive so enter correctly. (Bob is not the same as bob)
    Press Enter To confirm option.
  • Then your password Note: Currently the password is not starred as you type it in, so if you wish it to be kept secure make sure nobody is looking over your shoulder!
    Press Enter To confirm option.
  • At this point you will connect to the server, which will return the accounts under your username. As explained earlier
    this is kept to one and is the same as your username, so type your username again, and press enter to confirm.

On Login you will see the arena. Gladiators fighting are in the center and the 'instructors' (players, i.e. you) are standing around the rim.

Advanced Command Line Options

  • -w : Windowed Mode : This will stop gladiators running in full screen mode.
  • -nm : No Music : Disable the game music

Queuing To Fight

To send your gladiator into the arena to fight you must put him into the queue. This is done by selecting the Shield icon in the bottom right.

Once you have selected to join you must wait for any battles before you to finish. Then you may join.

Fighting & Chatting


Chatting can happen at any time. Simply type what you want to say and press Enter. You should see the text appearing at the bottom on the screen.


The fight system is currently a simple Scissors, Paper, Rock game. Combat occurs in rounds at regular intervals.

To select your combat type click on one of the 3 pictures on the left of the screen. Once you have selected a attack type, which you can obviously change at any time, each round will use this attack method.

Your Health is displayed at the feet of your gladiator. Damage is dealt out randomly to the loser of the round. Damage can be between 1 and 5

Moving The View Point (Camera)

You can move the position of the view point (the camera) by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. NOTE: the center of the rotation is the center of the arena.

Quitting Gladiators

This can be done by pressing Escape key on your keyboard.


  • What Do I Do When I Find A Bug?

    Bugs can be reported by creating a bug report on Sourceforge. To find out in detail what todo click here and visit the appropriate page on our website.


  • What Does The Little Flashing Plug Graphic Mean?

    This image means you have been disconnected from the server. Close Gladiators by pressing Escape, reload it and login again to continue.


  • How Can I Turn Off The Fullscreen Mode?

    Add the -w command line parameter. For example, Do this:

    • Right Click On the Short cut to Gladiators in the Start Menu.
    • Click Properties
    • In the window that appears, add -w after the text in the Target box. (to something like "c:\program files\gladiators\gladiators.exe" -w)
    • Click OK
    • Run gladiators from this short cut.