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This game is marked as ARCHIVED. It has probably been dropped and is not supported anymore.


  • Game screenshot

What is Mapacman?

mapacman is a multiplayer online clone of pacman. The goal of mapacman is to score as high as possible by eating the pills around the map. You should avoid ghost because they will divide by two your score. But if you eat a super pill you can chase them! Enjoy!

Online servers

Mapacman is a online game, so you need to connect to a server in order to be able to play:


  • (source) released on 2004-07-13
    This file contains the source code to build mapacman.
  • (binary) released on 2004-07-13
    This file contains the mapacman Windows client. Download this to play online.


Mapacman has been developed by:

Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin, Hans Haggstrom

© 2005-2016. Released under GNU General Public License.