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This game is marked as BETA. This implies it is still under construction and may contain bugs or be feature incomplete, however it may still be playable so please have a go!

JMaPacman is a multi player version of the classical Pacman.


  • Game screenshot
  • Game screenshot

What is Jmapacman?

JMaPacman is a clone of the old Arcade Game Pacman with new features and news design.
Now you can play Pacman with your friends together in one game. You have many levels to explore and many dots to eat ;)
Who will reach the Top Score?

JMaPacman is platform independent, written using Java and the Java2D environment.

There is no JMaPacman server at this time.


You can read Jmapacman's manual here


  • (binary) released on 2005-07-02
    This file contains the JMaPacman client. Download this to play online.
  • (server script binary) released on 2005-07-02
    This file contains the JMaPacman server plugin. You need marauroa in order to play correctly.
  • (source) released on 2005-07-02
    This file contains the source code to build JMaPacman.

Change Log

  • added Killed-Splash when Ghost or Player is killed
  • added Fruits and Powerpills
  • added Dot-WrapperClasses clientside
  • added and changed some Maps
  • added 2 more Maps
  • reduced Amount of Score Player loses on Death
  • changed Scrolling, scrolls much faster now
  • save CPU by not moving Ghosts when no Player is logged in for a long time
  • Players respawn on a random free RespawnPoint
  • fixed Bug when other Player changes Zone or disapears